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My One and Only Friend by underorion
My One and Only Friend
These two are Shiina and Jarryn, a pair of characters from one of my Campaigns.

So essentially in this Campaign, some of the characters are monsters living on this one floor of the dungeon, brought together by the mini-boss of that floor, who is honestly a super sweet guy? Who doesn't want to fight humans at all, and so avoids it at all cost. The other monsters are absolutely devoted to him, and since has has essentially a castle on his floor, and is known as the Lord of it, they could be considered a court of sorts.

There are five monsters there; Maia and her brother Jarryn (pictured), who are "Stymphalcons"...think Stymphalian bird, metal feathers and such...Loki, who is a "Lava Wolf", pretty straightforward, he has black fur with flames flickering up from it...Savannis, a "Mire Panther", a swamp-dwelling, mossy-green-furred panther who can become invisible....and Shiina (pictured here), who is a beast from a floor known for its anomalous creatures that strike terror into those who see them. While Shiina spends her time following their Lord, none of the other monsters know she is there; except, later on, Jarryn, whom she becomes very close with. Because he isn't afraid of her.

These guys are all from different floors of the dungeon, brought together by their Lord, whom they love dearly. However, all was not meant to day, a gigantic group of adventurers set out to slay the Demon Lord. They set up hundreds of wards and traps, and in the end only Shiina and Jarryn were able to fight by his side, while the others desperately tried to get through. The Demon Lord fell, as did Jarryn, and the remaining adventurers fled. While Loki, Maia, and Savannis mourned their losses, however, Shiina had a different idea...

She is a creature empowered by rage. She hunted down the remaining adventurers, aiming for the ones who had personally slayed their Lord, but slaughtering all she came across. She eventually caught up with them very near to the entrance of the Dungeon, and battled them as they ran to the door. She was shaken off as they exited, and when they had just made it outside, made one last, desperate leap, and latched onto the arm of one of them, greatly damaging his arm. And then she died, the sunlight shining down on her as she dissolved into dust; because no monster can survive outside the Dungeon.*

This is set in the past, whole the friendship between Shiina and Jarryn still flowered, before their deaths.

*Lest special measures are taken; and even then, 'intelligent' monsters are unable to.
Iona and Lord Squishy: ''Hat Trick'' pg2 by underorion
Iona and Lord Squishy: ''Hat Trick'' pg2
The second part of the first comic I ever drew of these two.

More coming soon ;)
Iona and Lord Squishy: ''Hat Trick'' pg1 by underorion
Iona and Lord Squishy: ''Hat Trick'' pg1
Let this be your guys' introduction to the grand adventures of Iona and Lord Squishy!

Iona is an impulsive warrior and aspiring gladiator who lives giving out terrible nicknames. She is loud and obnoxious but an absolute blast to be around.

Lord Squishy is a clever and highly skilled mage, who doesn't let his name be known to most - he generally instructs people to simply call him "Mage". Of course, Iona has her own ideas about it turned out, he quite liked her ideas. The two are pretty much smitten. Of course, when one is the apprentice of one of the most powerful magic-users in the kingdom, things are never quite simple...or relaxed. But Iona is here to save the day!

I'll be posting more comic pages, and pictures of these two in general, shortly.
where do feathers meet fur?

black, to gold, to grey;






black wings, golden crown, grey cloak
it sounds like a song
or a story

my words
my thoughts
my theories

I wonder if you'll like your gift
(I'm putting so much into it)

you know
my grey-furred soul liked you from the start

and I wonder
if you're what I think you are
because my senses are so often right
(on those things, at the very least)
is that why
I bowed at your feet
laid my head on your lap
puzzled you, I suppose
accepted your life
let your shadows blend into mine
contrasting his light
loved you.

your presence never felt harmful
predatory, maybe
and I knew to submit
like any wolf would

but you felt like
something I knew

maybe it's him
but maybe it's you

my wolf knew
to approach delicately
caution needed
scent the air, just-in-case
but still something

I know you, I think

my heart says you feel like a raven;
you move like a bird
odd to watch, from a body that always spoke cat
until you came out

and maybe that's why

how is it
that you
from far away
whatever afterlife you know
calling it home
have hints of
forest, dark feathers, memories
who are you?
will I ever know your real name?

will you?

or will you always remain
a drifting shadow
a word on the tip of my tongue
black feathered wings (I could swear it)

you are
demon, but more than
darkness, but more than
raven, but more than
somehow sweet
somehow gentle
somehow kind
somehow something

I still feel like I know you
your darkness is like the night's breath at three in the morning
while mine is a pre-dawn haze
and I should be afraid
but I'm leaning my head into you
breathing your scent
learning you
the way I always want to
like you're anyone
(re-learning you)

I want you closer

he might carry you inside of him
but I do too, now;
in my heart,
the way it always is

my raven,
my demon,
my love.
I can't feel:

longing, or


wanting, for


desperate with

your smoke-and-gravel voice traveling up my spine
the smell of trees, somehow, is lingering on his hands
and it's tugging at me, at the corners of my memories
in the spots I can't quite reach, it's hovering
I know I know you.

I can't shake the memories.
As faint as they are
your heart sings out to me,
and mine sings back,
words, names, I can no longer understand

and I'm stuck in this new
where I'm wrapped up in
and floating lost
attached as if by a cord to
lifelines like;
the tentative notes in your voice
your half-whispered declarations of love
and the things I can't mold into words

I love you
that's the feeling
I love you
I love you
I love you
more than that


United States
I am a fool for adventures;

I love getting mail(especially from people I love).

I am who I am. Nothing more or less.
My, it has been a long time. Oh, the stories I could tell you, my friends. Life has been borderline insane of late.
Long ago, I met someone wonderful; and we came together. We are still together, and for nearly two years, now; I hope this remains so. There are questions in it, now.
Regardless, I believe we will revolve around each other for quite some time. This one, my much-loved, had cancer, like poison in his lungs. But we made it through this. Even I, despite who and how I am, did pray for him. He is healthy again. We were very lucky.  We still are; there have been further scares with his health. And now, with mine. There is fear in my heart. The bone of my skull is deeply infected, at this point. I have been a sickly wreck for months. It may be the death of me, in the long run. I am afraid.
Should I not, however, there is hope. I wish to go somewhere better, and I; we; are pursuing it. Things may yet get better. I may struggle out of the waves at last, though they try their best to drag me under.
Wish me luck.

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