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you're too wild, they say
you're too wild, the wolf is in your soul
you're too wild, they say
too wild for the world that you're in
so you try to tear yourself free
and your claws drag in the fabric of the world
and your teeth snap and grind
and your eyes gleam brightly gold
but you can't break free
and if you fall, they'll all die
so you tie yourself up
and calm the flame
and close your eyes.
here, in my heart, where I have always loved you
here, in my soul, where the caverns are deep
here, in the dark, are the secrets we keep
and your hand touches mine as we turn
a once and twice about
and we turn
just like we once did

here, in my heart, where I have always loved you
here, in my soul, where nothing has changed
here, in the light, I smile to see you
and your voice calling out as you leap
and you leap
and it falls
like something from a nightmare

here, in my heart, where I will always love you
here, in my soul, where everything aches
here, on the shore, I let my tears fall
and my hand brushes your chest as you lay
very still
and away
like I'd hoped would never be
It's hard to breathe

The fallen ash
Settling like snowflakes

On her light-coloured lashes

She's never known anything but this

The world was gone before she opened her eyes
But I'll do the best I can
Just to make sure I save you
Lying here now on your arms
And just slipping away
But here in my heart, here
Where I have always loved you
You will be by my side
And I'll find my way into legend

We'll do it together
And you're here in my arms,
But I know
You can't really be gone
And you're drifting away
But I know
You're still here in my heart
Where I always have loved you
And if you disappear into story and song
I'll go too

I can feel myself being taken,
Lifted into the sky;
Will a voice somewhere far up there
Tell me I'm home?
But that isn't it, really, is it
Home is
you and I'm being
Dragged far away
And I'm still alive, how
Can this be?
HE saved me, and trapped me
Outside my own body
I can hear
you thinking of me
I will always be thinking of you
And I know you'll come find me

I am sitting by the statue
They raised, of you
And I'm writing out
The legend to be told, of you
They think that I'm crazy
When I tell them I'm hearing your voice
Come find me, you say,I'm here
And I'll go

I know the winds
Are pushing you away
I'm here, this way
Come soon

And in the end, I'll
Find my way to you

I can't believe this world

I've beaten him
At last you're here with me again
I'll hold you close,
Though I can't yet embrace you

I can feel your heart
And you hold me close,
You save me

Worth more than all
The world
I love you so
Just a little farther now

And we will save the day
And we will set you free
And we'll escape this storm
And break this cage,

I'm so glad you're here


United States
I am a fool for love songs;

I love getting mail(especially from people I love).

(& I'm not who you think I am).

I am here to be a better person.

for those who don't recognise it, my icon is a picture of Orion
hello lovelies. this is just as a note; all apologies for my lack of posts of late, but classes have started again and so the time goes. I'm in a couple of writing classes, and in a matter of minutes I'll be posting some of the writing from them. Keep in mind, it's mainly written from prompts, unfinished and unpolished. enjoy, if you happen to look.

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